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What to Expect from your Newborn Deluxe Session

Our littlest customers are our favorites at Digital Galleria Designs.  There’s only so much time to capture the newness & the pureness of newborns, and let’s face it, we all love getting our baby fix!  If you’re in your last trimester it’s time to schedule your newborn session.  If you’ve had your baby, that’s no problem–just try to book within the first two weeks of their birth date.  Here’s what you can expect from a Digital Galleria Newborn Deluxe Session.

newborn girl

    • A Newborn Deluxe session can last anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on baby.  We want to make sure we get the artsy/sleepy shots and for that we need baby to be asleep.  If baby is a rockstar sleeper we should get done in about an hour.  Feel free to come to the studio early to feed baby.  We have a dressing room if you’d prefer to be alone or tons of chairs and seating if you’d like to feed them in the studio.  Have patience, sometime it takes half an hour or longer to get them to sleep AND THAT’S OKAY!
    • Your Newborn Deluxe session includes family photos if you’re up for it.  We recommend parents & siblings wearing neutral colors, black or white, and have baby in a diaper or diaper cover.  At Digital Galleria we do a mix of professional studio lit portraits as well as natural lit portraits to give you a variety.  We usually like to start the session with family portraits and then give baby a feeding break before we move on to just baby portraits.
    • You can bring a outfit or two if you would like, but we usually stick to mostly diaper/bare shots.  We have diaper covers, wraps & headbands at the studio you are more than welcome to use.  Sometimes newborn outfits are just too big and end up cover baby’s face and no one wants that!newborn boy
    • If you have any heirlooms, blankets, toys or anything special you’d like in the portraits, BRING IT!  We love incorporating these special touches into your photos.  We’ve had everything from guitars to rocking horses to sports memorabilia.  And if you have an pinterest ideas or anything you specifically want please let us know!
    • WE ARE AWESOME WITH NEWBORNS.  We know how to handle and move them so you don’t have to worry.  Most of the time we’ll have you lay them down and will will move and position them from there.  We want this to be easy on you.
    • After your session we will edit the photos and put them in a password protected gallery online for you to view.  This should be within a day or two of your session.  You can pick out the photos and email us your order or come in to the studio to view your photos.
      newborn girl

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