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9 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Finding out the gender of our new baby can be very exciting, if you and your s/o decide to go that route.  Whether you’re having a big party or just want a cute way tell everyone, we’ve rounded up 9 of the cutest ways to find out.  Tip-ask a friend to take photos throughout the party or hire a photographer to catch it all.   You’ll be glad you did!

001For the archery lovers.  Fill a balloon with the paint color of the gender and take turns until someone pops the balloon!  Would also be fun to do on a larger scale with a bunch of white paint filled balloons and take turns until you find the pink or blue one.

002Batter Up!  Fill a small Christmas ornament with chalk dust the color of the gender and swing away!

003How fun would it be to include the whole family!?  Have little jars filled with chalk dust the color of the gender and have everyone toss in the air!  You’ll definitely want a photographer on hand for this one!

004Silly string fun!!  The kids will have a blast with this one and silly string is fairly easy to find!

005Confetti Poppers are adorable and can be totally customized.  Another great shot for a photographer!

006Let the little one pop it!  A great way to include a soon to be big sibling!

007Or let the kids say it all!  Especially if you have 4 girls and they’re getting a little brother.

008Scratch for the answer!  Such a cute idea!

009Smoke bomb! Light it off together for the answer!


15 Gender Neutral Nurseries We Love

Decorating your baby’s nursery is one of the most fun things to do when growing your little family.  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gender neutral nurseries for your inspiration.  Just don’t forget to leave some wall space for those amazing newborn photos you’ll have 😉


















What to Expect from your Newborn Deluxe Session

Our littlest customers are our favorites at Digital Galleria Designs.  There’s only so much time to capture the newness & the pureness of newborns, and let’s face it, we all love getting our baby fix!  If you’re in your last trimester it’s time to schedule your newborn session.  If you’ve had your baby, that’s no problem–just try to book within the first two weeks of their birth date.  Here’s what you can expect from a Digital Galleria Newborn Deluxe Session.

newborn girl

    • A Newborn Deluxe session can last anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on baby.  We want to make sure we get the artsy/sleepy shots and for that we need baby to be asleep.  If baby is a rockstar sleeper we should get done in about an hour.  Feel free to come to the studio early to feed baby.  We have a dressing room if you’d prefer to be alone or tons of chairs and seating if you’d like to feed them in the studio.  Have patience, sometime it takes half an hour or longer to get them to sleep AND THAT’S OKAY!
    • Your Newborn Deluxe session includes family photos if you’re up for it.  We recommend parents & siblings wearing neutral colors, black or white, and have baby in a diaper or diaper cover.  At Digital Galleria we do a mix of professional studio lit portraits as well as natural lit portraits to give you a variety.  We usually like to start the session with family portraits and then give baby a feeding break before we move on to just baby portraits.
    • You can bring a outfit or two if you would like, but we usually stick to mostly diaper/bare shots.  We have diaper covers, wraps & headbands at the studio you are more than welcome to use.  Sometimes newborn outfits are just too big and end up cover baby’s face and no one wants that!newborn boy
    • If you have any heirlooms, blankets, toys or anything special you’d like in the portraits, BRING IT!  We love incorporating these special touches into your photos.  We’ve had everything from guitars to rocking horses to sports memorabilia.  And if you have an pinterest ideas or anything you specifically want please let us know!
    • WE ARE AWESOME WITH NEWBORNS.  We know how to handle and move them so you don’t have to worry.  Most of the time we’ll have you lay them down and will will move and position them from there.  We want this to be easy on you.
    • After your session we will edit the photos and put them in a password protected gallery online for you to view.  This should be within a day or two of your session.  You can pick out the photos and email us your order or come in to the studio to view your photos.
      newborn girl

Check out our Newborn Deluxe Gallery 

How To Successfully Prepare & Rock Your 1 Year Old’s Cake Smash Session

Your baby is going to be ONE YEAR OLD!  Where did the time go?!  Their birthday is the perfect excuse for a photo shoot and cake smashes are one of our favorite things to photograph.  If you haven’t considered it yet, take a look at our gallery  to see how cute it can be!  Here are some tips to make sure your cake smash session is a success!

portraits 77

    1. The Preperation–Make sure they’ve had sweets/cupcakes/cake BEFORE the session.  Most of the time if they haven’t had sweets yet, they end up just sitting there looking at the cake like “what exactly do you want me to do with this?”.  They’ll want to get up and leave.  They won’t know what to do with the cake and may end up crying. Which can be cute, but the goal of any DGD session is to have fun! Test them out by giving them a small cupcake with lots of frosting a day or two before their session, let them sit and eat on their own for a bit then help him/her dig their hands into it and have fun smearing frosting on your face and theirs, make it a game!
    2. The Outfit–Usually photographing them in their diaper works just fine.  In fact it’s what we recommend.  But if you feel like going all out, custom outfits are adorable.  But keep it minimal.  Onsies and diaper covers for boys and diaper covers, tutus or lace rompers for girls.  And remember, if the cake smash is successful, they will have cake all over the outfit.  a117
    3. The Decorations–We typically photograph these sessions on our classic white background which keeps the focus on your baby.  We also have a home/hardwood floor area that we also use and we have even gone outside if its nice…Decorations can add a cute, custom touch to your photos so feel free to bring in balloons, banners or toys that match your outfit and cake.
    4. The Cake–6″ round cakes from your local store work the best.  They’re small enough for your baby to dig into and sometimes even pick up, can you image how cute that will be?  Picking up a whole 6″ cake and pushing it right into their face.  Adorable.  For something different, cupcakes scattered all over look pretty cute too! We recommend using pastel or lighter colors for your cake/cupcakes.  Sometimes harsh primary colors can look a little fake and cartoonish.  Go for pastel pink, lavenders, light blues & greens.388
    5. The Clean Up–Again, if the cake smash is successful, they will have cake all over them and their outfit.  Our bathroom sinks at Digital Galleria are big bowl-style sinks.  They’re perfect for a quick bath after the cake smash session so we recommend bringing a towel to dry them off with.  We do have some at DGD if you forget.  We will clean up the cake and throw it away if you’d like.

*Fun Tip–Bring your video camera to record the cake smash!

*Keep in mind–During cake smashes, some kiddos have a lot of fun and giggle/smile/look at the camera but a majority of the time we capture them having fun/getting dirty…and may not be the perfect looking-at-the-camera-smiling-portrait.

Cake smashes usually last about 10 minutes, so they’re a perfect addition to an Expressions Sessions (no extra charge.) Bonus-if you schedule during the week, you may be able to pick out your pictures right after your session and have your photos printed within half an hour.  Awesome, right?