Flawless, glamorous portraits are not just for Hollywood anymore! Scroll down for reasons you should do a boudoir session!

A perfect gift for him…or YOU!

A boudoir session will make your beauty shine through and can be a great confidence booster!

Do NOT worry, it will be fun and easy-going!

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  Boudoir Session $225

    • 2-3 Outfits
    • 30-40 Minute Session
    • four glam touch ups
    • 4×6 flipbook with 10 favorite portraits
    • Photographer designed coffee table albums available starting at $150

Includes CD with Rights

Studio Sessions will usually be in the evening with a “closed”  studio. You can view your photos online in a password protected gallery.

You’ve heard about “Boudoir Sessions”, but what IS a boudoir session? Should you do it??? A boudoir session is a photography session where you wear fun, sexy outfits, lingerie, dresses, or even HIS sports shirt and get your photographs taken. Seem scary? Don’t worry! We make it fun, easy and you will LOVE it (and so will he!) Here are some reasons WHY you should go for it.

YOU’LL LOVE the way you look

We know the best angles, lighting & posing to make you look your best. Better yet, get your hair/makeup done by a professional beforehand with faux eyelashes and all! We also are great with touch-ups for your final book. Since you will be all done up, schedule a date-night after your session, or a night out with friends!


You can each do a session at the same time. Bring a friend or two and a bottle of wine and make it a fun night to remember…it will calm your nerves and help you look you look natural…even bring your ipod with your music we can plug in to our system.

IT’S A GREAT WAY TO CELEBRATE A wedding, anniversary, birthday or valentine’s day

Boudoir books make a great gift for yourself or your significant other for any occasion…they make wonderful day-of-the-wedding gifts too! Give it too him before your first look and he will be blown away! You are already working so hard to look great for your wedding day, make the most of it and capture this time in your life.

YOU GET TO GO SHOPPINg or wear that sassy outfit

We all buy clothes we NEVER wear, I call them vacation clothes, because I would only wear them where no one I know sees me…or there just never seems to be that special occasion…Now is the time, work it!

IT MAKES A GREAT GIFT FOR YOUr groom, husband, significant other

Imagine the look on his face when you surprise him!  He thinks you’re beautiful on your worst hair days and in your sweat pants, so show him how smoking hot you are in classy lingerie and professional makeup! It may be a side he’s never seen & he will love that you took the time to do something special for him.


We also call these “confidence sessions.” Don’t ever compare yourself to pictures in magazines, celebrities are made-up by professionals, photographed by the best in the industry AND photo shopped to the max. You won’t believe what a bit of “magic” can do and you will love it!

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